Custom Companies Uses Technology To Better Care For Customers

Custom Companies is all about the customers that it serves, and those who are leading the company work hard to make sure that they are providing each one of their customers with the best services possible. Perry Mandera is the president and owner of this company, and he is always looking for new technology that can help the company better serve those who rely on it for help. He has been leading the company for over thirty years, and things have changed a lot through those years. He works hard to keep the company innovative and up to date in all that it does.


The way that Custom Companies carries out its deliveries affects those who turn to the company for assistance. The company has been able to make use of a new technology to help them with all of the deliveries that they have to make. Cheetah Dispatch is a kind of software that is put to use by Custom Companies. This software helps the company plan out delivery routes. This software allows those who are working for the company to figure out just how they should handle the work of completing the deliveries that they need to get done.


It is important for Custom Companies to manage their warehouses well, and the way that they manage them can affect the way that their customers are served. Custom Companies uses an advanced warehouse management system that helps them serve their customers well. Through help from this system, they are able to allow their customers to track their products from the time that they are picked up by this company to the time that they are delivered to their final destination. Those who like to be in the know appreciate this system and the way that it helps this company serve them.


All about Marathon Pharmaceuticals

Marathon Pharmaceuticals is a company based around patients that are smaller in population and at a high need status. Meaning the treatments available to the people are little to none. And also means that these small populations of patients are usually the sufferers of very rare diseases. The FDA lists 200,000 people a year as a rare disease. The company has issued assistance programs for patients who are unable to financially support the treatments. This is done through NORD or the national Organization of Rare Diseases. Their main distribution market is in North America. They work with Marathon Pharmaceuticals to lessen the price of medication needed to treat their rare condition. NORD is based in the USA however Marathon Pharmaceuticals also has consumers in Europe as well.



The company Marathon Pharmaceuticals was founded in 2008 with the goal of filling patients with rare conditions needs for some kind of treatment option. The company has about 15-50 employees of course some being top scientist researching the next break through for these unfortunate rare diseases. Where some other bigger company s failed to provide relief for these smaller populations, Marathon Pharmaceuticals has done just that. It will take more money, time, man power and resources to produces these medicines. However the should at least be an attempt to cure these rare diseases. The company is able to fulfill a unique role and give at least some hope to patients who suffer diseases that bigger more generalized company s overlook. It can been seen in their work that they only want the best for their consumers who suffer the most. And it can be easy for a bigger company to overlook these issues and it is understandable. Being that the larger company s generalize in medication that is already well known and easy to manufacture and distribute. Marathon Pharmaceutical and company s alike it on the other hand produce few medications aimed directly at specific rare diseases that are often difficult to pinpoint and treat.


TeenSafe is Appropriate for Parents with Children of all Ages

TeenSafe is a safety device that can be installed onto any child’s phone. The app was recently featured on CBS 21’s website in an article that talked about how the app helped keep children safe in a number of different ways. The story on CBS 21 was primarily about Dave and Gina, parents of children who are reclusive with their social media activities. TeenSafe was the perfect solution for these set of parents, and they may be the solution parents all over the world are looking for.


TeenSafe Blocks Dangerous Applications


Everyone knows about Instagram, Facebook, and Snap Chat, and for the most part these apps are safe for use. Apps exist that intend to mimic and imitate legitimate social media accounts. TeenSafe can block these apps from being able to run on a child’s device. Not only does the app block apps that it deems unsafe, it allows parents to block any app they choose.


More About TeenSafe


TeenSafe features every option and restriction a parent could ever think of. Parents can set a time when a phone is completely nonfunctional should they choose. This eliminates the possibility of a child staying up late on their phones when they should be sleeping.


One of the most useful features of TeenSafe can prevent a child from texting and driving. Similar to shutting off a phone come bedtime, TeenSafe allows parents to freeze the cellphone while their child is behind a motor vehicle. This is one of the only surefire ways to prevent a teen from driving and texting. TeenSafe could possibly save a teen’s life.


TeenSafe is appropriate for children of all ages, but it is made specifically for teenagers. With the popularity of the internet as high as its ever been, it is never too early to begin guiding your child in the right direction with a parental monitoring app.


Christopher Linkas is Changing the Minds of The Youth

Chris Linkas in an intriguing, young financial expert. Linkas offers young adults, mainly millennials, on the importance of having a good grasp on managing finances the correct way.


Linkas earned his college degree in 1991 from Bowdoin College. He landed his first ever job at a consulting firm. Soon after that, he began an entire career in credit and investing in real estate. Now, he has a passion for helping the younger generation learn the key fundamentals of financial management.


The best source for finding knowledge in the finance world is definitely Chris Linkas! He has an extensive background of knowledge in both the credit industry and the field of investment. Furthermore, Linkas displays a great desire to want to help, motivate, and educate the youth in navigating their financial expertise for the long run.


In Chris’ teachings, he says the biggest factor in managing finances is getting a good grip on your ability to be “financially literate.” By having a good grasp of your finances, you should be tracking the input and output of money coming from your bank account, keep your purchases at a minimum at first, and approach credit cards with a careful understanding.


Also, you must know the importance of your money! Don’t worry about what your peers are buying and spending their money on. However, you must have a general understanding of your income, and you need to be able to manage that the best ways possible. Remember that material things don’t even matter; They don’t give happiness, rather, they do bring stress! Therefore, spend your money wisely!


Lastly, grow and expand your knowledge of investing. According to Chris Linkas, the most important thing to do as a young worker with money is to set it aside and invest it in the future. Setting your money aside is planning for the future, and planning for the future can be anything from putting money towards your retirement, to even buying your own house one day!


See, Chris Linkas is changing the minds of young people. He is teaching the younger generations how to manage finances correctly. We need more people like Chris!


Health Tips by

Majority of the aging people are said to be affected by some of the diseases and the symptoms that are related to these types of illness. They’re very few individuals who are medics that have specialized in this field of medicine concerning the sickness affecting the aging.

Dr. Dov Rand 06/19 is among the few ones that have set aside their time and resources to learn more concerning the problems that come when people are aging. For decades now he has been in this field and to most of the patient who has come across his service can prove that he is more passionate concerning their issues affecting them in their old age. One of the fields that he does so well is the area that relates with a question concerning the hormone therapy.

Currently, Dr. Dov Rand 06/19is the founder of one of the robust health care called the Health Aging Medical Center. In his leadership, he has employed a very qualified doctor who has a good experience when it comes to issues affecting the aging patient. It is one of the institutions that give a chance to a patient who needs to access some of the health innovative treatment. He has been able to acquire useful and quality health care instrument that enables the patient to receive the best treatment which may be impossible to obtain from any other place.

Some of this disease that affects the old people if left untreated can cause a lot of damage to them and that is why Dr. Dov Rand 06/19 has done all the requirement needed to give them adequate treatment. There are even some of the patient who is unaware of the protocols that have recently emerged and how they can gain help out of these procedures.

Most of the aging people it becomes tough for them to understand the emotional and physiological obstacle that may prevent some of them from making some of the best decision concerning the state of their health. For instance the hormone therapy it is said that for it to work very well, it must be combined with nutritional supplements and also doing some of the best exercises.


Jeff Aronin: A Great Leader with a Good Heart

Jeff Aronin is a philanthropist and CEO of Paragon Biosciences. One of the company’s primary purposes is to improve the lives of others, this is thoroughly supported by Jeff as he is known as a compassionate leader that selfishly works and gives financially to improve the care for those who have unusual medical conditions.


As the leader of Paragon Biosciences, Jeff Aronin follows a very unique business model as his company strives to create new medicine for diseases that many other pharmaceutical companies do not focus on. Aronin leads the researchers at Paragon on a journey to ensure that they study the need of patients as in depth as possible. By doing this and helping to build companies that help alleviate the suffering of such patients, Aronin has managed to lead his company to great success.


Jeff Aronin currently has more than 20 years of experience within the industry of biotechnology. It is because of these multiple years of experience that he has such a wonderful understanding of how research works, how rare disorders affect patients, and how important it is for companies to develop medicines that target these rare diseases. Under his leadership, Paragon Biosciences has managed to work with groups of renowned researchers that have the same beliefs as himself.


Paragon Biosciences is ultimately a business though and one that helps patients. Aronin is so successful at this because he understands the need of having other portfolio companies under the umbrella of Paragon. One such company is Harmony Biosciences which is currently working on understanding narcolepsy better and developing medicines for the condition. Another company in the portfolio of Paragon is Castle Creek Pharmaceuticals. Castle Creek is currently working on new treatments for complex and rare skin disorders.


Paragon Bioscience is sure to continue growing in its area of business with Jeff Aronin at the helm. He is truly a person who doesn’t just see a number when he views a suffering patient, but rather someone who deserves to live with the best quality of life possible.


Jeffrey Aronin Provides Solutions And Hope For People Suffering From Rare Diseases

Jeffrey Aronin is the entrepreneur responsible for founding Paragon Biosciences. The company develops innovative medicines to treat unmet medical diseases. This is accomplished by determining the cause of the disease, using top talent and breakthrough science. The company’s track record is strong with approvals for thirteen new drugs that focus on the needs of the patients. Jeffrey Aronin brought together leading talent to provide treatments for medical conditions. These new drugs are developed by clinical experts. Biotech startups are incubated and invested in by Paragon Biosciences. This drives drug development strategies forward.


Jeffrey Aronin has a passion for helping people who require suboptimal treatments or have no treatments available. He has provided support for small groups with no options. Rare diseases are usually overlooked by the large pharma and biotech companies when they affect under 200,000 people. These areas are ideal for the strategies of Paragon to efficiently have important medicines approved. Jeffrey Aronin realizes time is a critical factor in improving patient’s lives with the development of new medicines. Paragon Biosciences provides startup companies with the human and financial resources to commercialize and develop novel medications. Jeffrey Aronin supports the leaders of biotech trying to break through traditional barriers to find new ways to help patients.


Jeffrey Aronin provides healthcare professionals with more resources and options to bring patients important medicines. Paragon Biosciences addresses the needs unmet by the other companies. They move medicines with scientific rigor through the process of clinical development. The companies they help are focused on unmet needs including medicines for EB or epidermolysis bullosa. This skin disease is rare, devastating and the slightest abrasion will result in blisters. Paragon is assisting with disorders of the central nervous system focusing on cataplexy and narcolepsy. The H3 receptor has potential for helping people with these conditions.


Jeffrey Aronin has an excellent understanding of medicine and science. His background is extremely well suited for the biotech and healthcare industries. He is also a philanthropist. He gives back by raising awareness of rare diseases, advancing science, supporting community development and improving education. He provides mentorship and advice to both startup companies and experienced leaders.


Perry Mandera Serves His Community With Honesty And Loyalty

Perry Mandera funds his favorite charities with a proprietary approach that has made headlines across the globe. He is a transportation engineer and the founder of the Custom Companies. His role in charitable causes has been active as he handles the needs of special causes and charities such as community programs and disaster relief. Custom Care Charities distributes thousands every year at Christmas for needy families. They support Chicago sports teams for kids and organizations to encourage abused and neglected children to participate in healthy development activities.


Perry Mandera has personally supported numerous charities through Custom Cares Charities including providing the underprivileged children in Chicago with 65,000 coats for the winter, helping tornado victims who lost homes in Washington, Illinois in November of 2013 and delivering water, food and supplies in truckloads for the victims of Hurricane Katrina. Perry Mandera has helped numerous charities including the Walter and Connie Payton Foundation and Jesse White Tumblers. He has supported boxing competitions, football, baseball and basketball programs, contributed to research for AIDS and helped fund the research necessary to eradicate cancer.


Perry Mandera makes regular donations through Custom Care Charities to the Girl Scouts of America, the Make-A-Wish Foundation, the Arthritis Foundation and the Muscular Dystrophy Association. His favorite causes help children, teens and veterans. His company’s unique approach places the focus on 24/7 turnkey services with extremely competitive rates. His ancillary services include labeling, warehousing, sorting, routing, distributing and segregating shipments. Giving back to the community is at the very top of his business agenda.


Perry Mandera is insistent that every employee shows high ethics in their business dealings and gives back to the community. His standard operating procedure is transparency and truthfulness. His business is strong because he has a higher standard. His company also offers local cartage and domestic and international freight forwarding. All his personal and business dealings are based on confidentiality and honesty. Perry Mandera still believes in the importance of attending church on a regular basis with his children and his wife. When he married in 1989, he made a commitment he would raise his kids in a Christian environment. His whole family serves his church as volunteers for different activities.


Marco Antonio da Silva going against the norm and setting the pace as Jack of all trades in law

It is the norm in our society for most people to start their career journey at a mature age, say twenty-five years and above. So when one judge by the name Marco Antonio Marques da Silva began his career in law at the tender age of fifteen years it was such a milestone and an inspiration to many. He enrolled at Pontifical Catholic University where he pursued his legal studies and graduated in 1981. He later obtained specialization, masters, and doctorate as well as teaching degrees at the same university.


Being a professor in the university, Marco Antonio Marques da Silva has enabled the construction of new auditoriums at Perdizes Campus of Pontifical Catholic University, a move that only a few people can take. The hall currently bears his name, and he has also received an honor from it. Marco Antonio Marques da Silva is also a judge that values the support of others, and he acknowledges that he cannot succeed on his own.

His family, God, friends, justice, and education are his greatest inspirations. His colleagues and students dearly love him, and they describe him as zealous, honest and loyal. He is indeed a great asset at the Faculty of Law of Pontifical Catholic University. Marco Antonio is also a great advocate for change, which he works towards to ensure that human dignity is promoted to everyone regardless of their gender, race, sexuality or social status.


More about Marco Antonio Marques da Silva


He was born in 1958 in Itapetininga and later decided to study law at fifteen years of age. He became a professor in Criminal Law at Pontifical Catholic University a year after his graduation, where he earned tenure in 2003. Joining the State Judiciary, Marco Antonio worked as a judge in several counties including Diadema, Sao Paulo, and Monte Alto among others. He pulled his way up and finally became the judge of the Brazilian Court of Appeals in Sao Paulo. He is married to Evani, and they have two daughters together. Marco Antonio Marques da Silva has written several articles as well as books mainly focusing on law. One significant book is titled ‘Luso-Brazilian Treaty on Human Dignity.’ Currently, he still focuses on his career in law through teaching as well as conducting judgment at the Court of Appeals.


Family Is Important To A Company Like IC Systems

IC Systems was founded eighty years ago, and the things that were good about the company when it was first founded are still good about that company, today. The company was family run when it was first founded, and it is a company that is still family run today. This accounts receivable system is something that was created by a couple, and it is still run by family. Because of its focus on family, this company is one that treats those it deals with in an honest and good way. This company has values that go back to its founding and that help to set it apart from other companies out there.


In families, people respect their ancestors and all those who have come before them. Because IC Systems is a family company, those who are a part of the company now respect those who were leaders of the company in the past. Ruth Erikson was a part of the company in its early days, and she was able to set the company up well and help it be what it is today. Those who work for the company currently respect the things that she did and they look to the past to learn through her.


IC Systems is proud of the fact that it is a company focused on family. It is proud of the heritage that it has. Family is important to this company and it is something that influences the company in all that it does. The company works hard to have family members working in all of the different positions that are required to keep the company going. IC Systems would not be what it is today if it did not have a variety of family members helping out with the day-to-day operations of the company.