TeenSafe is Appropriate for Parents with Children of all Ages

TeenSafe is a safety device that can be installed onto any child’s phone. The app was recently featured on CBS 21’s website in an article that talked about how the app helped keep children safe in a number of different ways. The story on CBS 21 was primarily about Dave and Gina, parents of children who are reclusive with their social media activities. TeenSafe was the perfect solution for these set of parents, and they may be the solution parents all over the world are looking for.


TeenSafe Blocks Dangerous Applications


Everyone knows about Instagram, Facebook, and Snap Chat, and for the most part these apps are safe for use. Apps exist that intend to mimic and imitate legitimate social media accounts. TeenSafe can block these apps from being able to run on a child’s device. Not only does the app block apps that it deems unsafe, it allows parents to block any app they choose.


More About TeenSafe


TeenSafe features every option and restriction a parent could ever think of. Parents can set a time when a phone is completely nonfunctional should they choose. This eliminates the possibility of a child staying up late on their phones when they should be sleeping.


One of the most useful features of TeenSafe can prevent a child from texting and driving. Similar to shutting off a phone come bedtime, TeenSafe allows parents to freeze the cellphone while their child is behind a motor vehicle. This is one of the only surefire ways to prevent a teen from driving and texting. TeenSafe could possibly save a teen’s life.


TeenSafe is appropriate for children of all ages, but it is made specifically for teenagers. With the popularity of the internet as high as its ever been, it is never too early to begin guiding your child in the right direction with a parental monitoring app.