Rocketship Education’s Rising Success

Rocketship Education Public Charter School System focuses on helping students to reach and realize their full academic potential through a system of personalized learning, talent development, and parental power. Recognized for its successful students and dedicated teachers, Rocketship Education has impacted over 15,000 students from low-income communities across the nation.

Built on talent development, personalized learning, and parental power, the system provides a holistic learning approach for students where they are able to reach their full potential without being left behind. If a student is having a hard time, the personalized learning plan and teacher dedication will bring them back where they need to be while boosting their self-confidence and self-esteem. The idea is to avoid self-deprivating thoughts. This is because students who are engaged in their learning experience and are proud of their accomplishments are more motivated to go to school regularly, receive better grades on essays and projects, and are more likely to be involved in extracurricular activities.

Because low-income families have enough stress at home, Rocketship Education tries to eliminate the cost and stress of education for students and families to keep students excited and motivated to learn. An innovative learning atmosphere helps to keep the students motivated and interested while a safe, stable environment eliminates distractions and helps the students reach their goals.

Studies have shown that students who feel supported by their family and peers are more likely to succeed, so Rocketship Education ensures students are supported by their peers and teachers. This also benefits their home life in many ways. Simple things like developing a healthy diet, increasing sleep, or setting more time aside for homework are making big differences and are becoming the norm for students in Rocketship Education charter schools.

Rocketship’s proven hybrid and holistic method of teaching has lead to a strong track record of success among their students. Its schools ranking is in the top one percent of all public schools in California serving low-income students and it often outperforms surrounding schools in California and throughout the United States.