All about Marathon Pharmaceuticals

Marathon Pharmaceuticals is a company based around patients that are smaller in population and at a high need status. Meaning the treatments available to the people are little to none. And also means that these small populations of patients are usually the sufferers of very rare diseases. The FDA lists 200,000 people a year as a rare disease. The company has issued assistance programs for patients who are unable to financially support the treatments. This is done through NORD or the national Organization of Rare Diseases. Their main distribution market is in North America. They work with Marathon Pharmaceuticals to lessen the price of medication needed to treat their rare condition. NORD is based in the USA however Marathon Pharmaceuticals also has consumers in Europe as well.



The company Marathon Pharmaceuticals was founded in 2008 with the goal of filling patients with rare conditions needs for some kind of treatment option. The company has about 15-50 employees of course some being top scientist researching the next break through for these unfortunate rare diseases. Where some other bigger company s failed to provide relief for these smaller populations, Marathon Pharmaceuticals has done just that. It will take more money, time, man power and resources to produces these medicines. However the should at least be an attempt to cure these rare diseases. The company is able to fulfill a unique role and give at least some hope to patients who suffer diseases that bigger more generalized company s overlook. It can been seen in their work that they only want the best for their consumers who suffer the most. And it can be easy for a bigger company to overlook these issues and it is understandable. Being that the larger company s generalize in medication that is already well known and easy to manufacture and distribute. Marathon Pharmaceutical and company s alike it on the other hand produce few medications aimed directly at specific rare diseases that are often difficult to pinpoint and treat.