College Basketball Inter-Conference Games Bounce Back Games

There are almost 300 college basketball teams; any one of each is playing every night until the NCAA tournament starts. The undertaking of collecting that kind of information is an overwhelming project. There are literally thousands of pieces of statistics that you need to research on a daily basis.

Scheduling, statistics, injury reports, power ratings, and changes in the betting line are all indicators to help the handicapper assess the college basketball betting strategies.

A key betting strategy that is especially useful this time of year is looking at the inter-conference matchups. Many times the familiarity of teams with each other can play a significant role in the outcome of games. As the teams become more and more familiar with their conference rivals they also become more adept at competing with them and also beating them, even when they are an overwhelming favorite.

In conference games, you will find that the home court advantage plays a much bigger role than in non-conference play. In the conference season, there is a more exciting opportunity to bet on college basketball odds in bounce back games. This is when a team goes on the road and loses, then returns to their home court. Usually, the losing team gets rejuvenated and refocused after returning home after a loss and step up their game. When they return to the friendly confines of their home court they can be expected to play a better game, sometimes they will play over their heads on their home court. This is a solid bet for the astute bettor to take a close look at.

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While many bettors will use the matchup tool to pick their bets, many other will take their handicapping further by using all of the features such as injury reports and the advice from expert handicappers

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