Victoria Doramus Is Excited About Where Her Career Is Going

Victoria Doramus was born and raised in New York City, but she moved to Colorado for college. She studied at the University of Colorado Boulder, and she began to have a passion for writing while she was there. She also became passionate about communications, and she got a degree in Journalism and Mass Communication. At the college, she learned how to work with videos and graphics, and the education that she received there helped her greatly as she began her career.

Victoria Doramus has worked in many roles in the media, including networking and market analysis. She knows what it takes to succeed in marketing because of her years of work in the industry. She learned from her work as an assistant to a television and film director and has great planning skills because of it. Victoria Doramus spent some time working with J.Crew and Stila Cosmetics, where she was an art director. She does lifestyle writing, and she is known for her publications in The Huffington Post, Cosmopolitan, and USA Today. And she has also served as a ghostwriter in several books.

Victoria Doramus has had a highly successful career, in which she has taken on many challenges and learned a variety of skills. But, she hasn’t let that get to her head, as she still takes the time to give back. She spends time volunteering for charities for the addicted and promoting those for animals in need. She works with young people to give them hope for a future. Victoria Doramus is a supporter of several specific charities, and she uses her writing to encourage others to give back. She is currently self-employed and excited about where she is going to go with her career in the future. And she is also excited about the many philanthropic projects that she has taken on.

Steve Ritchie : Moving Forward with Action

Papa John’s, one of the countries largest pizza chains will be under new leadership in the form of former president Steve Ritchie. Steve has been a part of the Papa John’s family since the late 1990s where he served as a customer service rep, a franchise owner and now CEO of the company. Steve Ritchie was appointed CEO after offensive language was used by a former employee.

One of his first acts as the newly appointed CEO, Steve Ritchie has sent out a handwritten letter to both customers and employees apologizing for any offensive language that might have hurt people. In the letter, Steve Ritchie expressed an understanding for the distrust and anger towards the company, however, he urges the public to understand as well that those hurtful words where spoken by one individual and not by the thousands of employees and staff that make up Papa John’s, at the end of the day Papa John’s is a collection of people and not one person. Although he pleaded for understanding from the public, he acknowledges that Papa John’s still has a responsibility to reclaim their trust and loyalty through more than words.

His first act of action the letter states is to hire experts that will fully audit the company in order to understand the culture within it, what he and his advisors learn from the data will help progress Papa John’s onto a better company. In addition, himself along with many of his top senior management department will travel across the country to speak with customers and employees alike about what they think should be done to increase the transparency and inclusion of all ideas. There is no doubt that the addition of Steve Ritchie has formulated a new hope for the Papa John’s company going forward into the future.