How Evolution Of Smooth Redefined Lip Balm

The Latest Craze With Millennial Women

Evolution of Smooth has made a name for itself among Millennial women as one of the most reliable brands out there. A study by Teen Vogue and Goldman Sachs revealed that Evolution of Smooth is regarded as one of the most popular brands among Millennial women today. With all of that success, it’s clear to see that something went right at Evolution of Smooth. Knowing this is the key to understanding what all of this craze is about.

What Evolution Of Smooth Wants To See Done

Evolution of Smooth was able to achieve this success because the brand has built up a name for itself by focusing on a specific demographic and targeting them in all ways possible. The marketing research that Evolution of Smooth conducted prior to launching the product revealed that young women are far more likely to use lip balm than young men. This is why they choose to target women and to focus on the culture of the Facebook active Millennial. It seems to have paid off given the fact that Evolution of Smooth has made hundreds of millions of dollars.

How Evolution Of Smooth Will Branch Out In The Future

EOS lip balm has managed to build itself as the most popular brand of lip balm out there, but it’s clear there’s much more room for growth. This is why the creators of Evolution of Smooth are now branching out into other areas of growth such as lotions and shaving creams. With the same flavors people love in their lip balm they are going to be able to make a fortune on Amazon unlike any other. It wasn’t an easy journey, but Evolution of Smooth has made a name for itself and changed the way we think of lip balm.