Marco Antonio da Silva going against the norm and setting the pace as Jack of all trades in law

It is the norm in our society for most people to start their career journey at a mature age, say twenty-five years and above. So when one judge by the name Marco Antonio Marques da Silva began his career in law at the tender age of fifteen years it was such a milestone and an inspiration to many. He enrolled at Pontifical Catholic University where he pursued his legal studies and graduated in 1981. He later obtained specialization, masters, and doctorate as well as teaching degrees at the same university.


Being a professor in the university, Marco Antonio Marques da Silva has enabled the construction of new auditoriums at Perdizes Campus of Pontifical Catholic University, a move that only a few people can take. The hall currently bears his name, and he has also received an honor from it. Marco Antonio Marques da Silva is also a judge that values the support of others, and he acknowledges that he cannot succeed on his own.

His family, God, friends, justice, and education are his greatest inspirations. His colleagues and students dearly love him, and they describe him as zealous, honest and loyal. He is indeed a great asset at the Faculty of Law of Pontifical Catholic University. Marco Antonio is also a great advocate for change, which he works towards to ensure that human dignity is promoted to everyone regardless of their gender, race, sexuality or social status.


More about Marco Antonio Marques da Silva


He was born in 1958 in Itapetininga and later decided to study law at fifteen years of age. He became a professor in Criminal Law at Pontifical Catholic University a year after his graduation, where he earned tenure in 2003. Joining the State Judiciary, Marco Antonio worked as a judge in several counties including Diadema, Sao Paulo, and Monte Alto among others. He pulled his way up and finally became the judge of the Brazilian Court of Appeals in Sao Paulo. He is married to Evani, and they have two daughters together. Marco Antonio Marques da Silva has written several articles as well as books mainly focusing on law. One significant book is titled ‘Luso-Brazilian Treaty on Human Dignity.’ Currently, he still focuses on his career in law through teaching as well as conducting judgment at the Court of Appeals.