Securus Technologies Instrumental in Locating Violent Criminals

Part of my duties as an officer is keeping residents safe from those who are looking to cause them serious injury. We had a rash of violent burglaries in recent weeks, and the suspect was hurting residents regardless how much money he took from them. Trying to stay ahead of the crime spree was futile, that is until we made an unexpected discovery at the local state prison.


Our intentions were to speak to a few inmates to see if any could offer up a lead on our suspect, what we found was the jail recently had Securus Technologies install a telephone monitoring system that was completely automated and could pick out unique verbiage on just about any subject. After letting the inmates know why we were nosing around, we sat back as the officers showed us how the LBS software worked.


Securus Technologies has their main headquarters in Dallas, and one thousand employees and the CEO all have a single objective, making our world just a little safer. Since the inmate call monitor is now working in over 2,000 jails, we knew it was going to be something that would offer my team another way to dig up details on suspects.


Like clockwork, minutes after meeting with the officers, the LBS software alerted the team one inmate was already on the phone warning someone that a special task force was looking for him. This proved to be the break in the case that we were looking for. We used that information to lay low for a while, then follow the suspect as he went right back braking into homes. This time was different however, as my team was already in the house and putting him in handcuffs before he could hurt any of those residents.


Keeping Inmates Safe in Our Jail

Although our jail has some of the most dangerous gangs in the country, we work tirelessly as officers to make sure each inmate is afforded a safe environment to do their time. If unchecked, the gang leaders would use soldiers that have life sentences and nothing to lose to hand down their own form of justice. We cannot let the inmates have that much control, especially on inmates with minimal sentences who just want to do their time and get out as quickly as possible.


So my day at the prison usually consists of two main functions. The first thing I do is get right on the front lines and I personally meet with every visitor that comes into the prison. They need to go through a number of metal detectors and x-ray devices, but sometimes things get by that I have personally discovered on my own. Even with that type of security, items make it to the inmates.


Next, I am on cell inspection duty, looking over every inch of the inmate cells unannounced to see if I can find any contraband that could put other inmates or my team at risk. This surprise inspection do bear fruit, but the inmates have developed unique communication techniques to warn each other minutes before we make our announcement.


I have even monitored inmate to inmate calls and picked up on key discussions that have helped, but it wasn’t until we brought in Securus Technologies to update the communication system for inmates that I made my biggest advances. Now the system helps to alert me when there are situations that need my attention so I can nip trouble in the bud before anyone on my staff is assaulted or one of the inmates is targeted by the leaders of a rival gang.