AvaTrade Review: The Platform to Become Expert Traders

Majority of the forex trading platforms are known for various options including automated trading bots, interactive features, and more. However, none of them provide an option making a new trader an expert with clear strategies. But, AvaTrade is a platform that has set its path in making every new trader to an expert within a quick span of time. The platform of AvaTrade is designed to make the traders capable of understanding various complexities of markets and different currencies after trading in it for some time. How does it become possible?

When any new trader subscribes to its platform, they actually get the supervision of trading experts, who watch the trades of the novice. If they see any imminent losses due to the incorrect moves, the experts immediately notify the new traders and teach them where the movement is heading. This helps the traders to avoid any chances of substantial losses and educate them to safeguard against such issues or mistakes in future. Unlike many other platforms, AvaTrade does not have any bot to automate the trades – it needs the active participation of the trader.

But, the platform offers analysis, tips, strategies, educational materials, currency trends, and more, and helps the traders to invest their money in the smartest way to get the highest return from the market. This is an ideal way to make someone, who is new to forex trading, an expert by educating them to trade independently. It is also equally useful for the experienced traders as they can depend on the trading experts for better strategies, trading on different and new currencies, advancing their learnings, and more. Altogether, the forex trading platform offers a smooth and easy-go experience even for first-time users.

AvaTrade is based in Dublin, Ireland, with offices in New York, Sydney, Tokyo, Milan, and a number of other locations. The forex broker is well-regulated and licensed by the forex regulators and administration departments in each economy.

The forex broker provides four types of accounts according to the needs of the customer: Gold, Silver, Platinum, and Ava Select. It also offers Islamic forex accounts to help the Muslim traders to execute a trade without swapping currencies.