Wild Ark Regularly Provides Eco-Friendly Travel Services To Exciting Locations

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One very popular eco-conscious and conservation-focused travel destination is the Republic of Kenya. Widely known for the wide variety of wildlife species that inhabit its landscape, Kenya covers an area of approximately 224,000 square miles.


Kenya is made up of grassy plains, mountains, deserts, beaches, and other types of habitats. More than 50 national parks and wildlife reserves are situated there, as are several privately-owned wildlife sanctuaries.


Alaska is the largest state in the United States, and is a popular destination for eco-friendly vacations. More than 3,000 rivers run through Alaska and upwards of three million lakes are located in the 49th U.S. state.


Although the winter months are very cold, and there are approximately 100,000 glaciers there, the summer months in Alaska can be quite pleasant.


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A fascinating, eco-conscious travel package to Kenya from Wild Ark involves staying at a lovely guest house at a local ocean conservation compound. While partaking of this memorable ecology-oriented experience, visitors have the opportunity to take part in various types of conservation work with sea turtles and other forms of marine life.Learn more : https://wild-ark.tumblr.com/


Wild Ark offers a sustainable, eco-friendly travel package to a clean and attractive, fully equipped fishing lodge in Bristol Bay, Alaska. Incredible views are afforded from this destination, and the fly-fishing conditions are excellent.


The ecology and conservation- related travel services offered by Wild Ark are just some of the many worthwhile things provided by this ethical company. Helping people to become close with nature, and to protect the world’s green spaces are high-priority issues for Wild Ark.