Sussex Health Care Facilities

Sussex Healthcare was opened in 1985 and has been operating continuously for 25 years. The facility operates on the Southern Coast of England and it has over 20 facilities working throughout Sussex. The chairmen Shiraz Bohangi, an experienced hotel manager and Shakif Sachedina, an experienced dental surgeon who has a medical background, run the company. The two came together to combine both of their strengths to assist the elderly and young adults.

Sussex Healthcare focuses on the elderly and young adults with dementia and Alzheimer’s, as well as people with other cognitive and neurological problems. The company makes sure all their residents are taken care of and given activities to do. Part of Sussex Healthcare philosophy is giving everyone a chance to live a full and positive life, with little to no worries. Staffing for the company includes different crew members who specialize in different jobs including In-home caregivers who assist in and around patients homes. Physiotherapists are there to help those who have spinal cord injuries or other nervous system problems. The corporation has staff members who are skilled language and speech therapist. Other facilities, like the Royal Hospital of Neurological disorders, trained the Sussex staff in neurological diseases and disorders. Sussex has alternative therapies as well which are aromatherapy and reflexology. Staff members who help and care for those who are terminally ill, they try to make patients lives easier. Staff members who help and care for those who are terminally ill do everything they can to make patients lives easier. Staff members are trained specifically to help dementia patients to live fulfilling lives. The care of profound and multiple learning disorder patients will help them live and prosper like normal. The company provides housing as a way for them to do things on their own. Working with local colleges, the company manage to provide classes for the residents. For everything that the company staff does for the elders and young adults, they are given a vacation in-between times of work.

Sussex Healthcare has various facilities to make sure their residents and patients are comfortable and happy. They have more than 580 living areas, seven of which specializes in elder communities. They have a wide assortment of activities for everyone to do at the residences, and Causeway and Black Horse way provide every type of dental need at the residences.

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