The Quincy: Affordable New Brunswick Residences

The Quincy is an affordable residential area in the city of New Brunswick, New Jersey. The residential complex has several amenities that satisfies the needs of its residents, and it includes a direct access parking lot, a concierge service, a 24/7 emergency maintenance that can be called anytime, a rooftop swimming pool and terrace with barbecues, cabanas, and grills, a park and a spa dedicated for pets, a storage room for bikes, a room for media and entertainment, a cyber lounge, clubs, a fitness center and a gym, a courtyard, and a library. Residents say that living inside The Quincy makes life more convenient, because everything has been built inside the building. They added that the only reason they go out is for grocery, and almost all of the amenities they need are already available inside.

The Quincy has been one of the most eye catching residential complexes in the city of New Brunswick, and most people who are just starting with their careers opt to buy a unit inside the building because of its affordability. However, there are security issues haunting the residential complex. In October 2015, there was a shooting incident involving a man who was just walking into one of the buildings of the Quincy. Another incident involves a pizza delivery man who was assaulted by a group of thugs who stole his wallet, the pizza he will be delivering, and his car. The suspects were later arrested. Some people from New Brunswick are saying that The Quincy has been a hotspot for crime recently, and more criminals are just staying near the residential complex waiting for their next building. This prompted the administration to provide additional budget to heighten their security, in order to protect the residents inside The Quincy as well as their visitors.

Despite the issues with security, The Quincy remains popular. The residential complex is accessible to all major highways in the city of New Brunswick. Interested buyers who would like to view one of their units can visit their website to check the amenities and other information related to The Quincy, Alternatively, they can contact The Quincy administration to schedule an open house.