Fortress decision to hire Nierenberg

Michael Nierenberg was hired by Fortress Investment Group LLC. He was hired as the head of global securitized products and mortgages in Bank of America Corps. In his private-equity business, he was chosen as a senior executive. The Managing Director at Fortress, Michael Nierenberg also took responsibility for all the sales and business dealing activities within the division. In November 2008, Mr. Nierenberg joined the Bank of America from JP Morgan. There he became a member of the management committee of the investment bank and also the head of the Global Securitized Products. During fourteen years with Bear Stearns, Mr. Nierenberg detained a range of high-ranking leadership positions prior to his tenure at JP Morgan. The positions Mr. Nierenberg sustained include co-head of structured products, head of foreign exchange and interest rate trading operations and also co-head of mortgage-backed securities trading. He was also hired as a member of Bear Stearns’s Board of Directors from 2006 to 2008.

It was stated that New York-based Fortress was joined by Nierenberg to focus on real estate investment trusts, residential mortgages and property-related holdings including, Nationstar Mortgage Holdings Inc. and Springleaf Finance Corp. and more.

The investments have been expanded by Fortress in financial services with mortgage servicers such as Nationstar and Springleaf. The Fortress is the first publicly operated hedge-fund manager in the United States and private-equity. The servicing portfolio was increased to $198 billion from the past year by 94 percent by the Texas-based Nationstar, Lewisville. They made this worth by purchasing assets which also include a part of the Lehman Brothers. Earlier this year, they also bought contracts of worth $215 billion from the Bank of America. According to Mr. Edens, Financial-services investments “were the stars.”

Bank of America replaced James DeMare by Nierenberg. It was reported by David Sobotka. According to the internal document from the Charlotte, North Carolina-based bank, Mr. David was the head of global currency, fixed-income, and commodities trading. According to the copy document received from the Bloomberg News, the head of securitized products and the mortgages for America was DeMare.

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Louis Chenevert On His Success And Why Teamwork Is Vital To A Company’s Success

Louis Chenevert is a Canadian businessman who is the former Chief Executive Officer, Chairman, and President of United Technologies Corporation. With drive and ambition to spare Louis turned UTC into a massive force to recon with as a leader in the aerospace industry.

He earned his Bachelor of Business Administration degree from HEC Montreal in Production Management in 1979. Many years later Mr. Chenevert would receive a doctorate honoris causa from his former university in 2011. He works at Goldman Sachs as their Exclusive Advisor since 2015 after he left United Technologies Corporation. Louis Chenevert is also the Board of Director for Cargill, a corporation that provides agricultural, food, industrial and financial products that is based in Minnetonka, Minnesota.

Taking all his knowledge and experience, Louis poured his heart into United Technologies Corporation as their President, Chairman, and Chief Executive Officer. Out of his many accomplishments there he took the advancement of their GTF engine to new heights of performance, and was involved in the year long acquisition of Goodrich aerospace company for 418 billion dollars, the largest in history. This would be a huge turning point to UTC and would propel the corporation into a leader of the manufacturing of the aerospace industry. United Technologies Corporation manufactures aircraft engines, security systems, heating and cooling systems (also known as HVACs), escalators, and elevators.

Louis Chenevert brings his ideas to life by putting together very talents engineers and supports them to create superior aerospace parts. This is possible with small teams and hard work. Louis also is incredibly focused, has immense drive, passion and optimism when it comes to his work. Teamwork is the most pivotal part of his job because without it nothing would get done. That is why he focuses on internal politics. If there are huge disagreements with what their goals are, this create friction, which means progress slows down. Mr. Chenevert says not to tolerate people who don’t have the same agenda. Ultimately this means failure or success for a company or corporation. With that being said Louis focuses on the goal and that is why he is so successful as a businessman.

The Incredible Success of Shiraz Boghani

Hotelier is one of the major industries across the globe that have registered great growth and transformation over the years. However, despite the high level of competition in this sector, Shiraz Boghani has emerged as one of the successful individuals in this industry. He currently holds the position of Chairman in one of the largest hospitality groups, Splendid Hospitality Group. Shiraz Boghani has also been a recipient of major awards in this industry, in the year 2016 he was crowned as Hotelier of the year in the Asian business award. The award came forth as an appreciation for his incredible job in this industry as portrayed by the Splendid Hospitality Group.

What can be attributed largely to the success of Shiraz Boghani in the hospitality industry is his vast experience in this field; he has been in this industry for over 30 years now. During all these years, he acquired a sense of excellent hospitality services; this can be seen in all his incredible 19 trading hotels that are spread all over the United Kingdom. He is also a renowned accountant with entrepreneurial skills coupled with his passion for the hotel industry. There are is an aspect about Shiraz Boghani that is not known by most folks, he is among the pioneers who can be credited with successful introduction of hotels that branded with limited service in the London market.

Shiraz Boghani has his native roots in Kenya. However, he immigrated to the United Kingdom in the 60s. After arriving in England in the year 1969, he enrolled in training as an accountant in a small company belonging to chartered accountants. Shiraz then made a move to Thomson McLintock, a company that is currently known as KPMG.

Being an entrepreneur, Shiraz Boghani was able to establish market gaps in the United Kingdom, which became an opportunity for investment. He is among the co-founders of the Sussex Healthcare, a healthcare initiative that was formulated in the year 1985. Sussex Healthcare is one of the largest health cares in the country right now. It has grown over the years and currently has 19 care homes and over 500-bed capacity.

Experience in leadership has enabled Shiraz Boghani to promote the efficiency of Sussex healthcare in its operation. His ability in teamwork has enabled him to work hand in hand with his co-founders to take operations of the Sussex Healthcare to the next level. It is one of the most reputable homes in the country right now.

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