Surf Air Members Enjoy Attractive Upgrades For Company’s Fifth Year Anniversary

Surf Air is celebrating five years in 2018 and in honor of that, the company is offering a membership upgrade for its customers. The Surf Air Experience is designed to cater to the specific needs of club members. From July, Surf Air is partnering with All Roads North, a travel company that specializes in luxury travel. All Roads North is famous for its high-end tours that are planned in collaboration with some of the top ranches, hotels, and lodges in the United States. Surf Air members will now have the same treatment, accessing some of the most exclusive trips around California and its environs.

Unforgettable Trips for Membership

The company is giving clients an opportunity to see the different faces of California through 3-day excursions. From Lake Tahoe to Santa Barbara, Surf Air members can book trips to some exciting destinations. Members will work with teams from All Roads North to create trips that satisfy individual requirements.

The Surf Air Experience

Surf Air membership comes with several perks that make air travel more comfortable and luxurious. The company is teaming up with the Private Suite LAX to enhance the Surf Air experience even further. Membership to the new private suite at LAX will be available to Preferred and Premium members at a complimentary fee of $4,500 a year. This private lounge is designed to make air travel as stress-free as possible for the people who can afford it. Travelers get their Custom and Immigration statuses sorted out at the suite, negating the need to stand in line waiting to be served. There is also exclusive transport from the lounge to the plane, which means avoiding ticket counters. Another partnership with FoundersCard will see the private charter service give its members some privileges like priority check-ins.

About Surf Air

Surf Air operates as a private and luxurious travel club where customers are considered members. They benefit from an all-you-can-fly arrangement. Initially, Surf Air had flights across California but has since added a few other destinations. In April 2018, the travel service announced it would be offering flights to Europe. A partnership with JetClass will allow it to include routes to Vienna, Brussels, Nice, Milan, Luxembourg, Geneva, Zurich, Basel, and Munich.