How Serge Belamant Changed the World with Blockchain Technologies

Although many think they know who the founder of blockchain technology is, they most likely haven’t heard the name expert Serge Belamant. He is truly considered the founding father or the founding patent holder of blockchain technology. The history of his life is no surprise given that he excelled well in school in numerous subjects. He most likely never considered that one day he would play his vital leadership role in the latest technology and innovations in finance and technology. Although Serge Belamant was the first individual to work on creating blockchain technology, he was also the first to be considered one to implement them.

This technology would be the same technology that was credited for aiding in the creation of cryptocurrency and the wide variety of cryptocurrency that it has become. One of the ways in which he was able to experiment with his invention was the use of smart cards. Although these cards are intelligent, they contain what is known as a micro-processor. The idea behind these cards is that they are used mainly to aid in processes within electronic items. This is where you can begin to see the agility of a tool like the smart card would work well with his blockchain technologies. Serge Belamant was insistent that the technology he was going to create would become ideal for financial transactions, and that it would eventually be used by banks.

The intention was to boost the speed at which transactions are being completed along with the benefit of reducing bank fees. Blockchain technologies are beneficial for numerous markets, and they are great with improving security on numerous levels. His creative technology also allows for a private ledger that can record transactions and more. This technology is also closely linked to cryptography. This means that codes and cryptic language can secure the details of a transaction. No individual’s name or address are given in order to send money or make withdrawals, but rather it is all electronic. Serge Belamant has written a part of history thanks to his notable creation of blockchain technology, and all that it can do to advance our world going forward.


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