Krishen Iyer: The Healthcare Industry Is Going To Do Marketing In New Ways

Krishen Iyer owns a marketing business in Carlsbad, CA. He recently made some predictions about marketing trends and the way that healthcare companies need to start marketing their services. He says that one of the things that people care most about nowadays is the price of healthcare services. They want to be able to understand the cost, and they want to be able to afford the services. If healthcare companies are going to market well, then they are going to have to be honest in their pricing.

Another thing that Krishen Iyer believes is going to continue to be big in healthcare marketing is wellness. He believes that companies will continue to focus on prevention because wellness is quickly growing in popularity.

The businessman thinks that more companies will come out with apps for it. And, he also believes that customer service will be improved in the upcoming years. Krishen Iyer says that marketing will go to new platforms and that the advertisements will be more interactive in the future. He thinks that healthcare companies will start sharing more about their procedures on blogs and in other subtle ways so that people can feel more comfortable when they consider them.

Krishen Iyer founded his own marketing company in 2016. He went to school in San Deigo and El Cajon, where he learned about public relations and urban development, and he lives in Carlsbad, see more on his education background.

He is a licensed insurance agent, and he knows a lot about the marketing industry and how to do things well with client interfacing and technical development. In his free time, Krishen Iyer enjoys reading Stephen King novels and volunteering for local causes in Carlsbad. He also has a passion for the people of Haiti, and he sponsors a child there and supports charities that are focused on the country.

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