Dan Belthelmy-Rada’s Venture into Beauty World.

Dan Bethelmy-Rada is one person who defines his leadership skills as a talent. This is evident in how he has brought to life different talents from different people, making them acquire marketing skills. He has gone out of his way and done his very best to represent his company, L’Oreal, globally. Dan especially encourages team work, which has made Matrix and Biolage to grow and gain popularity worldwide.

At only 40 years, Bethelmy-Rada oversees and strategizes about the brand all over the world. He ensures that the brand’s image, its products and services are in the current and that they bring out the best of the consumers’ expectations. His career began after completing his international marketing studies in Paris, where he was employed in one of L’Oreal‘s outlets in the same country. It was while there that he learnt and honed his marketing skills, opening him to the world of beauty.

Bethelmy-Rada is always inspired by people and likes to bring his ideas to life through photography. This way, he is able to be creative in bringing out a product that will suit different people of different ages and races. He goes ahead and says that he is always attentive to his team who has different ideas about different brands.

Dan tries to keep up with the current trends via social media. He believes that through social media, one is able to know what is trending and in return know what to surprise the consumers with. This has also helped him see how L’Oreal products have been received by consumers globally enhancing his overall product production. He has been productive and ensures that what he sticks to what he prioritizes to do.

Bethelmy-Rada encourages every entrepreneur, his employees included, to always think outside the box. He advises that they have to follow their schedules to the latter in order for them to receive outstanding results at the end. He encourages them to balance between work and life so that each sector can have enough of their time and hence neither will be neglected, as these areas are important in a person’s life.

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