Ultimate Care at Sussex Healthcare

One of the largest providers of nursing and residential care in the United Kingdom is Sussex Healthcare. It has almost 600 residents for it prioritizes a person’s sense of well-being and overall good health.

About Sussex Healthcare

The residential home is part of an independent group of care homes that is run by an experienced team and highly professional management. It is the leading provider of nursing care in Sussex, and its professional team aims to give the best quality of care and their principle is to meet the needs and wants of every individual.

Sussex Healthcare has social, leisure, and recreational activities. They provide several programs and activities for every individual to stimulate and motivate them to use their facilities while encouraging them to be active to the fullest extent. Each activity is made or chosen for an individual that fits their current or previous interests, along with their skills and abilities. Most individuals tend to initiate and participate in their programs for they learn new skills at the same time.

25 Years Of Care

Cultural and infrastructure progress and upgrades are taking place at Sussex Healthcare. Each site and home are being redesigned and repaired to ensure maximum comfort and convenience for every resident. COO Steve Whittingham acknowledges the level of change and progress being made. Making a positive impact on every resident’s lives is their top priority. Their staff is fully committed to correct issues, identify the areas that need to be developed, and improve conditions around the area.

The IT team of Sussex Healthcare are currently working on numerous projects to design and improve the technology throughout all locations. The team upgraded the gadgets, computers, and phones. They also want to ensure a fast handling of requests and clear records of the residents by generating tickets with a reference number.

The residential and nursing home is currently recruiting nurses and care assistance through the use of local and national newspapers, radio, flyers, agencies, websites, and so on. They created more customized and unique programs, for the team also want to ensure that the residents are having their needs met and receiving personal attention.

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