OSI Group McDonald’s Success in the Food Processing Industry

The company was listed at position 63 under the Food, Drink & Tobacco industry by Forbes. Located in Aurora, Illinois, OSI Group boasts as leading food service and retail food company in the US and beyond. The food company specializes in products like hot dogs, bacon, meat patties, pizza, poultry and vegan and vegetarian products. With a revenue of $6.1B according to Forbes, the food company has resources to make and deliver custom food products to consumers. OSI Group president, David McDonald continues to work towards the growth of the company. OSI Group McDonalds values client feedback. That is why he insists on regular interaction and engagement with customers to find suitable solutions when issues arise.

OSI Group is dedicated to making high-quality custom food products and growing its clientele through customer satisfaction. Appearing on Forbe’s list at number 63 in America’s Largest Private Companies in 2018 is an achievement for the company. OSI Group McDonalds takes advantage of partnerships, which help the company elevate to global standards. By having individual partners close to customers in specific locations, the company’s president can create a firm balance that guides every major decision and spending.

OSI Group McDonalds passion for entrepreneurship has made him who he is today. His love for business is admirable, as the hard work he puts in can be easily noticed. The president and company innovate new ways of meeting customers’ standards, and by doing this, OSI Group improves in food development. By viewing customers like family, the food processing company can give the best service to everyone.

OSI Group McDonalds leadership has made the company win awards and got nominations in the industry. The company has won a number of awards like the Globe of Honor and the Sword of Honor, which was awarded by the British Safety Council. Being a successful business, David McDonald plans to open more facilities to serve every customer in a better capacity.


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