Hyland’s Baby Oral Pain Relief Tablets Quick Relief For Your Baby’s Teething Pain

Trusted by families for decades, Hyland’s delivers safe, quality products that relieve symptoms from colds, teething, stress, sleeplessness, leg pain, ear aches, and beyond. Active ingredients are all natural, and tablets are small and dissolve easily.


In 1903 8 pharmacists started a homeopathic company in down town Los Angelos. In 1910 George Hyland purchased the company and it became Standard Homeopathic. Through the years Hyland’s expanded and furthered their product line to include a variety of safe and powerful remedies for many different maladies. Today Hyland’s is a division of Standard Homeopathic and forges on with medicinal tablets that have been on the market for generations plus innovative new products. Hyland’s values feedback from their customers. Pharmacists are always working on new science based, natural formulas that will work to assist customers with symptoms they express to the company.


Teething and oral pain is something every baby goes through to some degree. Babies use their mouths for exploring so having mouth pain is particularly irritating. Hyland’s Baby Oral Pain Relief Tablets are a safe, potent way to treat your babies teething pain. Tablets are small, soft, and dissolve easily in your baby’s mouth, and the relief is quick. Hyland’s has several products designed just for babies, as well as for kids, and adults. They know that some kids and adults are unable to swallow traditional pills, so in 1940 an innovative Hyland’s pharmacist developed small tablets that dissolve easily orally. Hyland’s medicines still come in this form today. This is an example of how Hyland’s responds to the needs of it’s customers. Commitment to family care, no matter what stage of life your family is in, is a hallmark of Hyland’s commitment to their clientele.

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