Dallas Neighborhood Homes Group monetary support to help low-income residents

Dallas Neighborhood Homes has been working in collaboration with Dallas Area Habitat for Humanity to provide affordable homes to the residents of South Dallas. Dallas Neighborhood Homes is a charity organization that pioneer in the provision of mortgage solutions by offering loans to borrowers. This duo aims to offer loans to more than 100 low-income residents in Sothern Dallas in the next five years.

NexBank and the affordable homes project

To make this goal a reality, these two organizations have partnered with NexBank SSB, one of Dallas’ largest banks in Texas. NexBank SSB intends to provide Dallas Neighborhood Homes with $50 million to finance and expand their home provision initiative. Aside from loaning clients, Dallas Area Habitat for Humanity will provide financial advice to customers so that they are prepared to own homes.

Nexbank will also participate in the payment of title fees of up to $2,000 required for closing the home purchase deals. According to the vice president of Dallas Area Habitat for Humanity Mark Tribuna, NexBank has been instrumental in enabling people own home at a low cost.

Mark Tribuna acknowledged Dallas Neighborhood Homes for being part of this initiative and thanked them for helping the residents of North Texas. This professional also expressed his joy for being able to bring smiles to the faces to low-income earners in Texas. He also added that his establishment is committed to this kind of noble acts.

About NexBank

NexBank is a financial organization that offers a broad range of services including mortgage banking, institutional services as well as commercial banking to customers. This company was founded by finance guru James Dondero and has been in business since 1922. NexBank’s headquarters in Dallas, Texas South United States. By 2017, this organization had $6.4billion worth of assets. This private business has numerous clients such as real estate investors, large corporations, and middle-market ventures.

NexBank is under the management of John Holt who serves as the president and chief executive officer, Stacy Malinda, the chief finance officer, and Scott Matthew the director. This financial organization has over the years established itself and has a couple of subsidiaries including NexBank Securities Inc, NexBank SSB, and NexBank Capital Advisors.

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