The Chainsmokers Duo had Immediate Chemistry

DJ duo the Chainsmokers have been making a name for themselves since they debuted on the national scene in 2015. Formed in 2012 by DJs Andrew Taggart and Alex Pall, the Chainsmokers are seeking to step outside the definition of dance/electronic while staying true to their beloved dance sound.

Pall was part of a DJ duo and his partner at the time moved on. Adam Alpert, the bands manager, introduced Pall to Taggart and the duo had immediate chemistry. Taggart moved from Maine, both of them quit their days jobs and began working on their music full-time and they soon found themselves booking live shows. They released their debut EP, “Bouquet”, in 2015 and don’t seem to have stopped making music since then. They have since released two other EPs, “Collage” and “Sick Boy”, as well as a full length album “Memories…Do Not Open” and a bevy of singles. A new album is expected later this year or early next.

Being fans of many styles of music beyond dance/electronic the duo doesn’t want to stay in that genre. They have stepped their musical style well outside of dance, largely on their singles. They prefer to keep albums and EPs themed so their singles releases have given them a lot of opportunities to showcase different styles. Indeed one reason they put out so many singles instead of collecting them into albums is because they want many of their songs to stand on their own, not just be a part of another album. When they do make an album they want to put the same thought process into the whole thing, providing some conceptual consistency to their long-form releases.

The Chainsmokers don’t just try new things in terms of sound. They collaborate with singers and other DJs regularly and Taggart has stepped forward to sing on a couple of their tracks. The duo also writes a range of material beyond dance grooves and beats: When Taggart sings he likes the songs to be about his real life experiences. Most dance musicians are focused almost exclusively on the sound.

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