Scott Rocklage Leading The Way In The FIght Against Muscular Dystrophy

Scott Rocklage and Expansion Therapeutics is committed to battling an assortment of genetic disorders and has now turned its attention to combatting the horrible effects of muscular dystrophy in adult patients. The company has designated $55.3 million that it that it was able to raise with the use of Series A financing to be used in the fight against the disease.


Scott Rocklage is a managing partner with 5AM Ventures which provided a significant portion of the funding for Expansion Therapeutics.


RNA is a molecule present within DNA which is converted into proteins and transferred through the body. At times, RNA can be said to become ‘toxic’ within the cells. When this happens a condition known as Myotonic dystrophy type one, the chief cause of muscular dystrophy in adults, is the result. A number of bodily functions are negatively affected by this condition including muscle and heart functions, the respiratory system, and the central nervous system.


In some instances, entire families are afflicted with DM1 and the effects have been observed to worsen with each generation. There is no current treatment known to the medical community that has proven effective at combatting DM1.


Expansion Therapeutics focuses its efforts on creating medications that directly addresses any corruption to the RNA. DM1 is part of a class of diseases known as expansion repeat disorders. These illnesses are hereditary and are passed down through the DNA. Expansion repeat disorders do not respond well to current medical practices.


About Scott Rocklage


Scott Rocklage works in senior management with 5AM Ventures. Rocklage began his preparations for over 30 years of healthcare management experience by attending the University of California at Berkley. After receiving his bachelor’s degree in chemistry, Rocklage moved on to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology where he received a Ph.D. in the same subject.


While studying at MIT, Rocklage performed research duties in the laboratory of Dr. Richard Schrock. Dr. Schrock was recognized for his work in the field of chemistry with a Nobel Prize in 2005.


Scott Rocklage joined 5AM Ventures in 2003 and would become managing partner for the firm a year later.


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