Brian Torchin Makes A Career Out Of Finding Compassionate Healthcare Professionals

Brian Torchin is the founder and a manager at HCRC Staffing, but, unlike many similar agencies, this one has a very specific focus. The agency Brian helps manage only works with healthcare professionals. This agency places people in the hospitals, private practices, and other healthcare-related organizations, where their special skills are needed.

Working out of his Philadelphia office, Torchin provides a service that benefits everyone involved in the placement process. The most obvious benefit is to the facilities seeking help. Brian locates the best candidates and conducts a vetting process to ensure each person is qualified for the position in which they’re placed. This saves busy healthcare organizations from having to conduct the hiring process themselves. It also benefits the professionals looking for work. With just one visit to Brian’s office, they can make themselves available for any number of open positions. View CNN iReport about Brian Torchin

The process even benefits Mr. Torchin himself. Every day is a new opportunity to train his recruitment staff and improve on the agency’s efficiency. In fact, Brian Torchin is looked to as a mentor in the training of recruitment counselors, helping new candidates to sharpen their skills. He knows just what to look for in identifying the best candidate for any position. While he tries to pass on this talent to his team, no one can compare. Torchin possesses a unique insight that guides him.

Mr. Torchin says providing this type of staffing service works to keep healthcare costs down. It eliminates the hiring process for hospitals, which can be an extra burden on human resource departments, and enables healthcare organizations to offer better compensation packages. The process helps Brian stay in touch with hiring trends in the industry, as well. This ensures he’s able to offer professionals compensation equivalent to their skill sets.

Brian Torchin is a graduate of the University of Delaware, where he earned a degree in sports medicine and physical therapy. He also attended New York Chiropractic College and is licensed as a chiropractitioner. Brian has worked to ensure his agency is among the largest healthcare staffing services in the country. Through years of dedication, Brian Torchin has expanded HCRC to offer staffing solutions nationwide.

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US Money Reserve Sells Gold And Silver Bullion That You Might Need Soon With Congressional Spending Gone Bad

There’s really no way you can spin it other than by saying that congress has crossed a big red line this time, and it could mean huge trouble for all of the US. Read more: US Money Reserve – Blog and US Money Reserve | LinkedIn

This last week congress passed one of its biggest omnibus spending bills yet driving a national debt that’s already eclipsed $20 trillion even higher, and there are even more unfunded liabilities out there that have got the US dollar in one of its most perilous situations.

President Trump promised he would never sign another bill like this again, but it may be too late anyway. Economists are warning that the bubble is just about to burst, and one more raise to the debt ceiling may be the final straw to do it. So what are you to do when you’re concerned about these terrible spending bills?

US Money Reserve is the company you should consider buying gold from when you hear about these massive spending bills because gold and silver can be a safe haven when money in your bank account or stock investments takes a hit, or when the national debt bubble bursts. Learn more about US Money Reserve: and

Gold and silver will never be affected by Federal Reserve interest rates and usually find their market value rising as other commodities start falling. Rumor is that many big investment banks are starting to buy gold and silver because they’ve seen an impending disaster, and with US Money Reserve you can be protected just like they are.

The man who has been working hard to help middle class America understand how to buy gold and learn the benefits and risks associated with it US Money Reserve President Philip N. Diehl. Diehl has spoken about how you can build your portfolio up even better by owning physical gold whether the bullion is in the form of coins or bars.

Silver also has seen an increasing demand recently, and Diehl managed both gold and silver coin production as the 35th US Mint Director. He made the Mint a profitable agency during this time there, and now he’s doing the same at US Money Reserve making it the largest privately-owned gold and silver distributor.

US Money Reserve introduces new members to gold and silver by providing a free gold information kit, and once you’ve bought precious metals you can even transfer an existing IRA into them.

US Reserve’s website also has useful charts and photos of its coins and bar collections, and you can access the website easily on any computer or mobile device. To visit the US Money Reserve store and start purchasing gold or silver, go to

Jeremy Goldstein Explains Stock Options vs. Knockout Options

Jeremy Goldstein is a famous and sought-after attorney in New York City. He established the Jeremy L. LLC. With over ten years of experience in practicing law mitigation between employer and employee – he is one of the best legal counsel to provide advice on how employee benefits could be advantageous for the employer and the worker.



In the following paragraphs, Jeremy Goldstein provides a clear picture on how knockout options can be utilized to assist employers. For the past years many companies took a halt from granting their employees with stock options. The reasons behind this move are fundamentally because of large expenses and companies take necessary steps to conserve money. But in reality, there are three main reasons why the said corporations took the necessary step of inhibiting stock options from their employees. And the causes are:


  1. The corporation’s stock price have a natural tendency to fall, and employees will have a difficult time to put into effect their option privileges as stated in the contract. And despite the occurrence of this incident stockholders will have to wait for a certain price before they buy and sell stocks, along with the necessity on the part of the companies to account related expenses.
  2. Most employees do not trust this form of remuneration since they are aware of the fluctuations in the stock market that often devaluates stocks making them more like worthless coins instead of actual money that has a purchasing and paying ability.
  3. The provision of stock options for employees often makes bookkeeping and accounting difficult because of the expenses involved. Likewise employees prefer higher wages from employers in comparable to the benefits given by a stock option.


As per Jeremy Goldstein, stock options are better than equities, insurance coverage, or additional pay because employees can equate them to a particular value and likewise rank and file have an easier comprehension of what stock options are. However, stock options are only beneficial if the prices are high or are on the rise mandating management to exceed the quality of their normal work standards. And this means employees must go the extra mile to enhance services, entice suitable customers, and placate current clienteles.



Aside from the foregoing, stock options must also comply with particular IRS regulations that make it burdensome for employers to provide employees with option shares. Learn more:



To address the option benefits issue of employees/workers, Jeremy Goldstein suggests the utilization of knockout options that will inhibit undue expenses and lessen the occurrence of stock overhangs. Knockout options have identical requisites and time restrictions – the only difference is that if the price of the stock or share goes lower than a specified value the shares are forfeited since they are already considered insignificant.