Wireless Network Provides Secure Prison Cellular Communication

Inmates at correctional institutions will soon utilize the newest technology developed by Securus Technologies which will allow for safe communication by inmates through a specially designed cellular wireless network called Wireless Containment Solution (WCS). Securus Technologies, based in Carrollton, TX is the leading provider of technology solutions that are developed for use by law enforcement, corrections, investigations, and other government payment services and which focus on general public safety. Its newest technology product, WCS, is the only service of its kind which monitors inmate cellular activity, stores data and intercepts the transmission of illegal cellphone activity that originates from correctional facilities.


According to the Chief Executive Officer and President of Securus Technologies, Robert E. Pickens, inmates often take part in illegal activity by using contraband cell phones and this represents a significant concern for public safety, the safety of correctional officers and undermines the control of the prison facilities.

“Hits are ordered, escapes are orchestrated, drugs and weapons are smuggled in and some inmates are conducting illegal activities from inside prisons and jails.”

WCS is a powerful tool for prisons in that it not only monitors, analyzes and prevents all communication through contraband cell phones but does so on a continuous basis from a remote location by a team of investigative professionals at Securus Technologies so doesn’t require any intervention from correctional personnel.


Securus Technologies is leading the telecommunications industry with its innovative and advanced technologies like its Wireless Containment Solution. In addition, the company has an excellent track record for providing outstanding levels of customer service and recently was the recipient of several Stevie Awards for Sales and Customer Service. Stevie Awards are presented annually and is the worlds most prestigious award for excellence in customer service and sales. This year, Securus Technologies won three Stevie Awards in three different categories. The Senior Vice President of Operations at Securus Technologies, Danny Hoyos, notes that the success of their customer service approach is in part due to their focus on maintaining customer satsifaction and resolving issues so that they are prevented in the future,

“A key component of doing the right thing is how we handle dis-satisfied customers. Our Corporate Escalations team makes sure we take care of the customer, but their mandate is not just to handle complaints, but to prevent them by working with other groups to improve processes. Their hard work on behalf of our customers has led to great customer satisfaction metrics, BBB accreditation, A+ rating since 2016, and now a Gold Stevie Award.”


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