The Doctor’s Housecall By Dr. David Samadi

Born in Iran to in a Jewish community, David Samadi and his brother fled Iran during the 1979 Iranian Revolution and got educated in Belgium before going to London and finally coming over to the United States where he attended and graduated from high school in New York City’s Roslyn. He then got a full university scholarship to study Bio-Chemistry at Stony Brook, graduating in 1994. From there he had Urology training as a postgraduate trainee between 1996-2000 in various medical centers and colleges before going to France for medical fellowship in proctology, completing in 2002.


His first practice was in 2007, becoming deputy head of the Urology department and head of robotics surgery at Mt. Sinai Medical School. From Mt. Sinai, in 2013, he moved to Lenox Hill where he was the head of both Urology and Robotic surgery departments. He also took up teaching as a professor at Hofstra North medical school, teaching Urology. Dr.Samadi’s reputation as a surgical doctor is well known, having had a successful rate of over 70000 surgeries. He is also acclaimed for his medical innovative, having developed a prostate cancer surgical treatment technique known as SMART. He specializes in prostate cancer treatment, bladder and also kidney treatments. Dr .Samadi prefers to handle a small group of patients at a time, in order to enable him concentrate fully on each patient by having time to research on the best treatment method or technique to apply to each patient’s situation. He also recently announced free consultations for men who have had prostate cancer diagnosis. In 2012, Dr. Samadi was named New York City’s top earning doctor, banking $7.6 million.

Sunday House call

Dr. Samadi’s show, Sunday Housecall, was launched in September 2017 and is a medical show that streams live on social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and also YouTube. It deals with current medical stories and various healthcare (both mental and physical) issues for both men and women. You can also stream the show from On the show, Dr. Samadi hosts various health specialists and medical professionals who have medical products or new medical treatment developments and techniques, all of which are peer-reviewed. He also hosts those who have published wellness books. Callers can call in during the live broadcast show and have Dr. Samadi or any of his guests answer their questions. Any medical fraction interested in appearing on the show can also contact his office on 212-365-5000.


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