Foresite Capital Funds Innovative New Mental Health Breaktrhough

Mental health disorders affect millions world wide, and yet there have been limited options for monitoring objective measurements for tracking patients health. A person with heart disease might track their blood pressure and pulse rate each morning, to see how effective a new medication is. A patient with diabetes will use the same method of collecting objective data in the form of blood glucose levels in order to diagnose or monitor a treatment plan. However, up until now there have been very few ways to collect objective data about neurological functioning in an easy, non-invasive, quick way. The start up Mindstrong Health aims to use data collected on smartphones to help healthcare providers and patients diagnose, treat, and monitor mental health disorders.

The president and co-founder of Mindstrong, Dr. Tom Insel, stated that, “What excites me about Mindstrong is the transformation of an individual’s patterns of typing or scrolling on a smartphone into precise measures of cognitive function.”

Venture capital firm Foresite Capital is also excited about this breakthrough. They specialize in healthcare, and invested heavily in this start-up due to its clear offering of great value. Mindstrong has the potential to help millions of people. The CEO of Foresite Capital, Jim Tananbaum, said that it he feels Mindstrong brings “unmatched understanding of the critical challenges surrounding” the difficulties that mental health patients and caregivers face.

Jim Tananbaum is known for his expertise in healthcare investing. He has a business master’s degree from Harvard, and has successfully invested in healthcare companies over the course of his career that earned him the respect of an expert. He invested in Intarcia Therapeutics and Juno Therapeutics which both became big players in the biotech space. In addition, he has invested in several food allergy related health companies.

Tananbaum has been seen on Forbes well known Midas List of prominent investors, due to his successes in the field of healthcare investing. His research interests include artificial intelligence as it applies to healthcare, as well as genetic epidemiology and clinical immunology. He has an eye for investments that are going to change health care practices for the better. View his Linked In page for more info.

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