Keeping Inmates Safe in Our Jail

Although our jail has some of the most dangerous gangs in the country, we work tirelessly as officers to make sure each inmate is afforded a safe environment to do their time. If unchecked, the gang leaders would use soldiers that have life sentences and nothing to lose to hand down their own form of justice. We cannot let the inmates have that much control, especially on inmates with minimal sentences who just want to do their time and get out as quickly as possible.


So my day at the prison usually consists of two main functions. The first thing I do is get right on the front lines and I personally meet with every visitor that comes into the prison. They need to go through a number of metal detectors and x-ray devices, but sometimes things get by that I have personally discovered on my own. Even with that type of security, items make it to the inmates.


Next, I am on cell inspection duty, looking over every inch of the inmate cells unannounced to see if I can find any contraband that could put other inmates or my team at risk. This surprise inspection do bear fruit, but the inmates have developed unique communication techniques to warn each other minutes before we make our announcement.


I have even monitored inmate to inmate calls and picked up on key discussions that have helped, but it wasn’t until we brought in Securus Technologies to update the communication system for inmates that I made my biggest advances. Now the system helps to alert me when there are situations that need my attention so I can nip trouble in the bud before anyone on my staff is assaulted or one of the inmates is targeted by the leaders of a rival gang.


Copa Star: A Luxurious Hospital in Rio de Janeiro

Today, many hospitals have been designed with a luxurious touch. However, amongst all the new hospitals, none beats Copa Star in both elegance and style. At a glance, the hospital looks like a five-star hotel. It contains new and modern features that will leave you speechless.

The goal of the hospital is to be the best hospital in neurosurgery and cardiology. That is the reason why they have incorporated modern technology in its service delivery.

The architecture

Rede D’Or owns the Copa Star hospital. The hospital seats on a 21,000 square meters and it is a seven story building. At the reception, the designers have included a grand piano and alluring artwork from Yutaka Toyota.

Copa Star includes a glass ceiling that lets in natural lights through the hospital hallway. The hospital also contains 200 art pieces from Toyota. Aside from that, they have built a restaurant with a world renowned chef offering different cuisines.

Copa Star has various rooms including well-equipped patients’ rooms, operating rooms, I.C.U, and the neurosurgery rooms. View the design at RafArquitetura.Com


This is the one department that the hospital reigns supreme. The hospital has included the robotic medicine in performing the complicated surgery. Robotic medicine is a new concept that has changed the field of medicine. They have state-of-the-art imaging and radiology equipment that has been able to assess the patient’s condition effectively.

Copa Star is among the first hospitals that have included the iPad devices in the patients’ rooms. These iPads have an app installed that will allow the patients to control the different functions of the hospital. They have the ability to change the lighting and open and close the curtains. The patients can also communicate with the doctors in charge about any concerns that they may be having.

The iPads have also provided the doctors with a chance to communicate and send the radiology results to the patients.

Another great modification has been done in the ICU rooms. These rooms are usually dull and boring. However, Copa Star keeps their patients entertained by displaying different images on the screens. They are real life images captured by the cameras installed on the top part of the buildings.


Copa Star has qualified and skilled medical professionals that will take care of you and family. The registered nurses undergo a rigorous two-month training that equips them with the information that they need to improve the service delivery. They are trained on how to handle the different patients and also tough situations.

Plans for expansion

Copa Star is the first ever hospital of its kind. The Rede D’Or has indicated that they are seeking to open similar hospital across the different states of Brazil.

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There Will Be Far-Reaching Consequences Of UK Leaving The EU

The referendum says that the United Kingdom will be leaving the EU by the end of June. It had immediate effects such as a major fall in all the stock markets across Europe. Next was the devaluation of the British pound sterling, which reached its lowest since 1985. Flavio Maluf says this exit will be impacting the global economy itself.

As per the figures released by the European Union, the United Kingdom is contributing most to this entity. It spent around € 11.3 billion in 2014 while receiving just € 6.9 billion in the same year. Flavio Maluf pointed out that the United Kingdom moving out from the EU will lead to a considerable fall in the investments that are received by this country. There will be no free transit happening between member countries of the European Union, of either people or material. This is going to have a lot of negative results for all.

There will be an impact on foreign trade taking place in the United Kingdom as well as Europe. The Customs Union among the member countries of the EU is allowing free trade on This means that no tariffs or extra quotas are applied on products that are made in any other country. But the exit of UK from the bloc means that the UK will have new rates that will not be the same as what was being practiced earlier. This is going to harm the foreign trade of the UK with the EU. Another thing is that now the United Kingdom will have to sign bilateral agreements on with those countries of the EU, it wants to do trade with. This was not required earlier.

There will be consequences for imports and exports with Brazil according to Flavio Maluf. Once the United Kingdom exits the European Union, Brazil will be entering into separate bilateral agreements with the UK. Earlier it was doing with EU only.

There will be a lot of impact on the European Union. Till now there were central countries which included Germany, France as well as the United Kingdom itself. Hence most of EU’s structure was established in these countries only. Now the economy of France is weak and fragile. Hence all the pressure will be on Germany to sustain the EU in economic terms at