Accomplishment Journey of Mike Baur

Mike Baur is a wealthy businessman; he is one of the co-founders and also the executive chairman of Swiss Startup Factory. His began from Berne University and got MBA and also from Rochester whereby he got MBA. He was born in Switzerland. He as well is a leader and also a prosperous businessman. He as well has more than 20 years of experience and he is able to transform many people business to develop. From Switzerland is where he began, therefore, he has managed and develop a lot of businesses. He is a delighted man because of achieving a lot as an entrepreneur.


Most of the upcoming and prominent entrepreneurs are so happy to be associated with Mike Baur because he assists them in improving and teaching them on ways of developing businesses. In Switzerland, he is able to have the chance to enable him to assist and direct young entrepreneur on how to deal with problems they may face when starting business hence enabling them to have enough knowledge to improve their business. He as well helps young entrepreneur capitals in order to boost and start their business and prosper so they can also achieve their objective. In order for a business to prosper he guides them to abide by the good values of business to accomplish better management and prosper. Mike Baur is also the controls the fundraising and the financial dealing in the company since he is the executive chairman of Swiss Startup Factory. For the development of the company, they associate with numerous organizations to develop such as Finten Fusion and CTI.


Due to the better management of the company by Mike Baur the company is one of the top private organizations globally. Swiss StartUp Factory in order to change various upcoming organization they are able to give 3-month guidance which enables them to attain more expertise hence enabling to handle and establish their business. The course includes finance, guidance and working space which are significance in business.


Also, the company is able to begin exceptional businesses from scratch to be more successful in the future. Mike Baur is able to use certain skills so that he can able to make other businesses succeed hence bringing more income to the company and develop. The upcoming businessman who complete their course they are able to be given capital to begin their business. Furthermore, the company allows those who finish their courses to show their expertise.



Wild Ark Regularly Provides Eco-Friendly Travel Services To Exciting Locations

If you’re looking for an exceptional travel or vacation destination that is also eco-friendly and/or conservation-focused, how about visiting Alaska or Kenya?Learn more :


One very popular eco-conscious and conservation-focused travel destination is the Republic of Kenya. Widely known for the wide variety of wildlife species that inhabit its landscape, Kenya covers an area of approximately 224,000 square miles.


Kenya is made up of grassy plains, mountains, deserts, beaches, and other types of habitats. More than 50 national parks and wildlife reserves are situated there, as are several privately-owned wildlife sanctuaries.


Alaska is the largest state in the United States, and is a popular destination for eco-friendly vacations. More than 3,000 rivers run through Alaska and upwards of three million lakes are located in the 49th U.S. state.


Although the winter months are very cold, and there are approximately 100,000 glaciers there, the summer months in Alaska can be quite pleasant.


A company named Wild Ark that is devoted to protecting natural wild places throughout the world also provides eco-conscious travel services to a range of interesting destinations.Learn more :


A fascinating, eco-conscious travel package to Kenya from Wild Ark involves staying at a lovely guest house at a local ocean conservation compound. While partaking of this memorable ecology-oriented experience, visitors have the opportunity to take part in various types of conservation work with sea turtles and other forms of marine life.Learn more :


Wild Ark offers a sustainable, eco-friendly travel package to a clean and attractive, fully equipped fishing lodge in Bristol Bay, Alaska. Incredible views are afforded from this destination, and the fly-fishing conditions are excellent.


The ecology and conservation- related travel services offered by Wild Ark are just some of the many worthwhile things provided by this ethical company. Helping people to become close with nature, and to protect the world’s green spaces are high-priority issues for Wild Ark.




Hussain Sajwani – Owner of Popular Real Estate Firm in the United Arab Emirates, Damac Properties

Hussain Sajwani is one of the leading names in the world of real estate in the United Arab Emirates. He has single-handedly changed the architectural landscape of Dubai and has constructed some of the landmark buildings in Dubai and rest of the United Arab Emirates. Hussain Sajwani serves as the Chairman of Damac Properties, one of the leading real estate development firms in the country.

Damac Properties operates not only in the United Arab Emirates, but also in many different countries across the world, including the United Kingdom, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Qatar, and parts of Africa and Asia.

Hussain Sajwani has helped Damac Properties reach great new heights of success under his leadership, and he continues to look out for the new opportunities he can explore to help Damac Properties branch out further in the field of real estate development.

Hussain Sajwani after completing his studies in the United States moved back to Dubai around 2002 when he realized the opportunity the housing space provided. It is when he purchased a plot of land in the rural parts of Dubai, and designed a luxurious residential project for the area.

It was a 35 story building, and through his sales and marketing skills, Hussain Sajwani managed to sell the entire projects within six months, even before the construction became.

It helped him get the funds needed to launch such a massive project for the first-timer. However, apart from Damac Properties, Hussain Sajwani also owns and operates the Al Jazeera Services, which is a food catering and support services that serve more than 150,000 means a day and presently manages over 200 projects. Through his business leadership, Hussain Sajwani has managed to make Al Jazeera Services one of the leading firms in its sector as well.

Hussain Sajwani is the third richest person in the United Arab Emirates, and his net worth stands tall at over $3.7 Billion. Damac owner is also a passionate philanthropist, and he recently announced at an event organized by the country’s government to donate AED 2 Million for the children’s clothing and other essential supplies.

He is also friends with Donald Trump from a long time and has also collaborated with his firm on various real estate projects. Hussain Sajwani family is also close to Trump’s family and are often seen together at various events.

Omar Boraie Development Improves New Brunswick

According to Patch, New Brunswick is an area that has seen substantial and beneficial growth in the past 20 or so years. The city went through somewhat of a rough spot but the comeback that it has made was possible because of everything that Omar Boraie did to the city through the use of his company, Boraie Development. He wanted to see the city flourish and he worked very hard at making sure that it would be able to be a great city for all of the people who live there and all of the options that are available to them now that were not available 30 years ago.

An article that was published on the Central Jersey Working Moms site detailed all of the work that Boraie Development has done in the area. The article talks about all of the positive aspects that the city has seen thanks to Boraie and the way that things are all going to be different now that there are things like high-rise residential buildings and other opportunities for those who are involved in the process. The point of Boraie Development’s progress is to improve the town and make it somewhere that people want to move to instead of move away from.

As an immigrant, Omar Boraie knows that it can be hard to be successful. He came to New Brunswick, integrated with the community and began making things better for them. He believes that his inclination toward changing the city was something that allowed him the chance to be as successful as what he has been. It is a great way for him to be able to show people that the city is so much better than what it was. He wanted to make a difference for the people who lived in the community that he now calls home.

As the business grows and Omar Boraie helps New Brunswick to become better than what it ever was before, he has started to bring in family members to the business. He wants to show them what he can do and what they will be able to do in the future. He hopes that everyone who he trains to work on the business will be able to provide as much opportunity as what he has done in the New Brunswick area. He is simply helping to prepare the town for the great things that will come in the future.

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Whitney Wolfe Is Making Headlines With Her New App Bumble

The Buzz About Bumble
You’ve probably heard of Bumble and the stir it’s causing. People around the world are using the app to meet new people and change their love lives. It’s currently got millions of users and has created hundreds of millions of matches, but things aren’t going to stop there.

The CEO of Bumble wants to turn it into something much greater and to create something never before seen. She wants her app to stand out for the way that it is empowering women and changing online dating.

A New App For Empowered Women
The thing that separates Bumble from other dating apps is that is all about empowering women. Women always make the first move and women get the final say. This keeps sexual harassment off the app and it gives a greater rate of successful matches. With that in mind it’s clear why they are choosing this app. Prior to working on this app Whitney Wolfe worked on Tinder at Hatch Labs. Her success there paved the way for her to create something even greater than what she had done for them and we are seeing it with Bumble.

A Young Visionary
When you make yourself a CEO at 26 that’s something to be noticed. When you manage to make your app worth millions in a matter of 2 years that’s something for the record books. Whitney Wolfe certainly knew what she was doing and she did just about everything she could to make sure that the world took notice of what she made. We don’t always see this sort of talent and when we do it really speaks to what can be done. Whitney Wolfe is a visionary and she is changing everything we have thought about the world of online dating.

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Global Market Consultant Brad Reifler Exemplifies Professional Financial Leadership

The world of global finance has its outstanding representatives, and American entrepreneur Brad Reifler is among them. He has served as CEO of institutions like Pali Capital and the Forefront Group.

Both of these recognizable companies arose from Reifler’s ability to navigate the intense and complicated world of investments, and owe their success to his personal vision of excellence in the industry.

According to Bloomberg, for more than 35 years, Brad Reifler has been actively engaged in global financing and marketing. He is an expert in fields like international sales, derivatives, and the uniqueness of the foreign exchange market.

His expertise has assisted the actions of high-net-worth clients all over the world through the professional customization of personal and industrial investment programs.

Crunchbase revealed that Brad Reifler holds degrees in both economics and Political Science from Bowdoin College in Brunswick, Maine. Immediately following graduation from the institution, Brad Reifler began a meteoric rise in the world of entrepreneurialism.

He founded the Reifler Trading Corporation in 1982, and quickly grew this company into a $200 million global monetary derivatives model company. This company’s outreach included operations in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Australia. This was the first enterprise helping to launch Reifler’s career as an expert in the global financial realm.

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How Evolution Of Smooth Redefined Lip Balm

The Latest Craze With Millennial Women

Evolution of Smooth has made a name for itself among Millennial women as one of the most reliable brands out there. A study by Teen Vogue and Goldman Sachs revealed that Evolution of Smooth is regarded as one of the most popular brands among Millennial women today. With all of that success, it’s clear to see that something went right at Evolution of Smooth. Knowing this is the key to understanding what all of this craze is about.

What Evolution Of Smooth Wants To See Done

Evolution of Smooth was able to achieve this success because the brand has built up a name for itself by focusing on a specific demographic and targeting them in all ways possible. The marketing research that Evolution of Smooth conducted prior to launching the product revealed that young women are far more likely to use lip balm than young men. This is why they choose to target women and to focus on the culture of the Facebook active Millennial. It seems to have paid off given the fact that Evolution of Smooth has made hundreds of millions of dollars.

How Evolution Of Smooth Will Branch Out In The Future

EOS lip balm has managed to build itself as the most popular brand of lip balm out there, but it’s clear there’s much more room for growth. This is why the creators of Evolution of Smooth are now branching out into other areas of growth such as lotions and shaving creams. With the same flavors people love in their lip balm they are going to be able to make a fortune on Amazon unlike any other. It wasn’t an easy journey, but Evolution of Smooth has made a name for itself and changed the way we think of lip balm.

Keeping Inmates Safe in Our Jail

Although our jail has some of the most dangerous gangs in the country, we work tirelessly as officers to make sure each inmate is afforded a safe environment to do their time. If unchecked, the gang leaders would use soldiers that have life sentences and nothing to lose to hand down their own form of justice. We cannot let the inmates have that much control, especially on inmates with minimal sentences who just want to do their time and get out as quickly as possible.


So my day at the prison usually consists of two main functions. The first thing I do is get right on the front lines and I personally meet with every visitor that comes into the prison. They need to go through a number of metal detectors and x-ray devices, but sometimes things get by that I have personally discovered on my own. Even with that type of security, items make it to the inmates.


Next, I am on cell inspection duty, looking over every inch of the inmate cells unannounced to see if I can find any contraband that could put other inmates or my team at risk. This surprise inspection do bear fruit, but the inmates have developed unique communication techniques to warn each other minutes before we make our announcement.


I have even monitored inmate to inmate calls and picked up on key discussions that have helped, but it wasn’t until we brought in Securus Technologies to update the communication system for inmates that I made my biggest advances. Now the system helps to alert me when there are situations that need my attention so I can nip trouble in the bud before anyone on my staff is assaulted or one of the inmates is targeted by the leaders of a rival gang.


Copa Star: A Luxurious Hospital in Rio de Janeiro

Today, many hospitals have been designed with a luxurious touch. However, amongst all the new hospitals, none beats Copa Star in both elegance and style. At a glance, the hospital looks like a five-star hotel. It contains new and modern features that will leave you speechless.

The goal of the hospital is to be the best hospital in neurosurgery and cardiology. That is the reason why they have incorporated modern technology in its service delivery.

The architecture

Rede D’Or owns the Copa Star hospital. The hospital seats on a 21,000 square meters and it is a seven story building. At the reception, the designers have included a grand piano and alluring artwork from Yutaka Toyota.

Copa Star includes a glass ceiling that lets in natural lights through the hospital hallway. The hospital also contains 200 art pieces from Toyota. Aside from that, they have built a restaurant with a world renowned chef offering different cuisines.

Copa Star has various rooms including well-equipped patients’ rooms, operating rooms, I.C.U, and the neurosurgery rooms. View the design at RafArquitetura.Com


This is the one department that the hospital reigns supreme. The hospital has included the robotic medicine in performing the complicated surgery. Robotic medicine is a new concept that has changed the field of medicine. They have state-of-the-art imaging and radiology equipment that has been able to assess the patient’s condition effectively.

Copa Star is among the first hospitals that have included the iPad devices in the patients’ rooms. These iPads have an app installed that will allow the patients to control the different functions of the hospital. They have the ability to change the lighting and open and close the curtains. The patients can also communicate with the doctors in charge about any concerns that they may be having.

The iPads have also provided the doctors with a chance to communicate and send the radiology results to the patients.

Another great modification has been done in the ICU rooms. These rooms are usually dull and boring. However, Copa Star keeps their patients entertained by displaying different images on the screens. They are real life images captured by the cameras installed on the top part of the buildings.


Copa Star has qualified and skilled medical professionals that will take care of you and family. The registered nurses undergo a rigorous two-month training that equips them with the information that they need to improve the service delivery. They are trained on how to handle the different patients and also tough situations.

Plans for expansion

Copa Star is the first ever hospital of its kind. The Rede D’Or has indicated that they are seeking to open similar hospital across the different states of Brazil.

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There Will Be Far-Reaching Consequences Of UK Leaving The EU

The referendum says that the United Kingdom will be leaving the EU by the end of June. It had immediate effects such as a major fall in all the stock markets across Europe. Next was the devaluation of the British pound sterling, which reached its lowest since 1985. Flavio Maluf says this exit will be impacting the global economy itself.

As per the figures released by the European Union, the United Kingdom is contributing most to this entity. It spent around € 11.3 billion in 2014 while receiving just € 6.9 billion in the same year. Flavio Maluf pointed out that the United Kingdom moving out from the EU will lead to a considerable fall in the investments that are received by this country. There will be no free transit happening between member countries of the European Union, of either people or material. This is going to have a lot of negative results for all.

There will be an impact on foreign trade taking place in the United Kingdom as well as Europe. The Customs Union among the member countries of the EU is allowing free trade on This means that no tariffs or extra quotas are applied on products that are made in any other country. But the exit of UK from the bloc means that the UK will have new rates that will not be the same as what was being practiced earlier. This is going to harm the foreign trade of the UK with the EU. Another thing is that now the United Kingdom will have to sign bilateral agreements on with those countries of the EU, it wants to do trade with. This was not required earlier.

There will be consequences for imports and exports with Brazil according to Flavio Maluf. Once the United Kingdom exits the European Union, Brazil will be entering into separate bilateral agreements with the UK. Earlier it was doing with EU only.

There will be a lot of impact on the European Union. Till now there were central countries which included Germany, France as well as the United Kingdom itself. Hence most of EU’s structure was established in these countries only. Now the economy of France is weak and fragile. Hence all the pressure will be on Germany to sustain the EU in economic terms at